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Gourmet Girl

 July 25, 2009

Gumdrop Shop Cookies

Last week, among the test products delivered, was a package from the Gumdrop Cookie Shop, based in Brooklyn, New York. Thea Zagata's passion about cookies, has married unique, one-of-a-kind designs with a traditional sugar cookie.

First, I want to talk about the attention to detail with respect to packaging. To me, a company that spends this much effort to ensure that their product is delivered intact speaks volumes. Upon opening the box, I was greeted by a scroll tied with a ribbon in their signature pink. Usually when we get a product a business card is included, if it is a smaller company, I might get a handwritten note. This was my first scroll, I actually got a little giddy. The scroll was their press release. I carefully removed it and gingerly began my search through tissue paper and came upon a box, again tied with that signature pink ribbon. The anticipation of seeing these cookies was now beginning to build. Have you ever wrapped a box, put it inside a box, wrapped that and then put it inside another box? It was that type of anticipation that keeps building until you finally get to the
real gift. That's what was happening here in the office.

We pulled the string to reveal the contents---surprise! A bright pink tissue paper package. At this point we are all standing around the box thinking what could possibly be next. Is this how they ship all of their products? (Yes, it is). I can see how a recipient would feel special opening this. The attention to detail is constant and as such ensured that the contents are received unbroken and in pristine condition.

Just as we say with restaurants, "you can't eat the decor," the final determination is in the flavor. A special note here, these cookies were shipped when temperatures were in the high 90s here in Florida. Add to that the intense temperatures they had to endure during their trip from New York to their final destination, it was impressive that they arrived in perfect condition.

To the taste: A sugar cookie with a royal icing
label that has been artfully decorated. Thea has mastered and balanced the flavors beautifully. My concern was the texture, as cookies that are shipped often get hard during transit. I'm not sure if her packaging had anything to do with, but they were firm and soft at the same time. They tasted just like thecookies I made for my own children. They are substantial in size and one can easily be shared between two people.
We can't overlook the artistic representations and ours included a floral (Blossom), couture (Scallop in pink hues), monogram (Glam - Magenta & Tangerine) and couture (Gothic Heart) all from the Couture and Monogram
shops. They also have special shops with a nice variety for weddings, birthdays, kids and baby showers. If you can't find what you are looking for they will accommodate you with a custom order. Another specialty is their van Gogh kit, which includes blank cookies and edible ink markers!

A nice product line and excellent quality, you will not be disappointed.

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